Welcome to SATSA

SATSA African Sunset

Welcome to SATSA, the Sub-Saharan Africa Transnational Strategic Alliance!

Our organization is an important resource for non-government organizations, small-to-medium enterprises and multi-national corporations in the United States that are interested in pursuing bilateral trade, infrastructure and economic development opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Collectively, the 48 SSA countries represent one of the world’s fastest growing regional economies; and U.S. support has contributed substantially to that growth. Examples of important initiatives that the American government has established in recent years include the African Growth and Opportunity Act, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, and Power Africa.

Through its experience and expertise, SATSA matches business needs that have been identified by African governments with U.S. companies capable of meeting those needs. SATSA’s services are targeted to clients who recognize the tremendous potential of business partnerships in emerging markets.